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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Joaquin Phoenix cherishing the role of Joker

An exciting new twist to the DC Universe is coming in October with a new promising movie. JOKER is the newest and exhilarating addition to the DC Universe as it tells the origin story of the most popular villain of all time. Joaquin Phoenix is the latest actor to step into the Joker’s shoes and his performance as the mysterious,chaotic, and eventual evil Authur Fleck is garnering plenty of Oscar-worthy buzz. It will be an electrifying and bone-chilling movie for SOAR students to watch during the Halloween season.The trailer for the movie excites many fans of superhero and supervillain films as it gives a glimpse of a fresh new perspective of the Joker as more of a human being than an evil villain.

The movie takes a deep kaleidoscopic view of the Joker’s life and how society’s cruel misunderstanding of him has turned him into a monster. Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) is first seen in the trailer playing a harmless peek-a-boo game with a toddler while riding on the bus. The mother then turns around and tells the ordinary civilian form of the Joker to stop messing around with her child. It’s the first of many sad interactions that will turn Arthur into the menacing arch nemesis of Batman.

JOKER is a movie that mostly everyone is excited for and the critics agree that this movie is spectacular for the big screen. Hopefully, this movie breaks the chain of horrible DC movies that have been made throughout the decade. Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the famous villain is what really makes the movie unique and exciting for fans of comics. JOKER will be coming out in theatres this October. Come check out this new amazing movie that will give movie fans a good bang for their buck!

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