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It's the last month of the semester

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By Sophia Uong

Staff Writer


Congrats! You’ve finally made it to the end of the semester and the school year as finals are starting to pile on and assignment deadlines are drawing closer and closer. This final stretch may be one of the most difficult and unfamiliar ones that we have ever had since we have been restricted from our resources and freedom. If you are thinking about taking the summer off to relax and refresh, that’s great and if you decide on taking more school, that’s great too! There are plenty of options for you this upcoming summer and thinking about it early and mapping out your ideas will help you make the most out of the break.

If you are planning to take classes during the summer, be prepared for what’s to come. Time management is key when it comes to having full-length classes shrunk into two months. Looking up the classes’ contents, expectations, and reviews should be one of your top priorities in taking on your summer session. It would especially be helpful to take these summer classes with friends or people you know to make your experience more fun and easier. Although assignment due dates will be a lot more crammed together than usual shouldn’t keep you from taking breaks and care of yourself.


As for seniors, it is most likely going to be your last month of high school and being at SOAR. You’re finally going to be moving into those dorms and going to that college that you’ve worked so hard for. As stressful as it can sound, it’ll be a fresh beginning to your academic path again. You’ll get to have more opportunities open to you and will finally start to put yourself out into the real world. The last week of this year will include many fun activities and events such as the Grad Night at Universal Studios which will conclude high school on a good note.


Even though this year has been difficult for both teachers and students, we have crossed the finish line together. To remember the times that we’ve had from meeting up with friends, club collaborations, and at-home projects, our yearbook has put together a collection of everything that has happened for the year so you could look back and see the memories that we have created despite limitations. We close this year off with a long well-deserved break and a farewell to this year’s seniors.


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