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Is the Grinch misunderstood?

Updated: Feb 5

by Yarepsi Guzman

The Grinch is a classic Christmas movie loved around the world. If you haven’t watched the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” it is about a green, furry, pear-shaped person called the Grinch who tries to go to all the houses in the world and pretend to be Santa. But instead of giving presents to all the people he takes their presents and Christmas trees because he hates Christmas. Do you think the Grinch is truly a bad guy and he deserved the poor treatment he got in the movie or is he just misunderstood? This might have some different answers or opinions from different perspectives. I truly believe that the Grinch just has trauma from Christmas. Since he sees all the families spend time together and do Christmas traditions, he wonders why he has no family to celebrate it with. I don’t find it reasonable for anyone to be judgmental or think of him as a bad person just because he doesn’t enjoy the holidays. Sure the Grinch could be harsh and cruel sometimes but he just has a messed up background; when he was little and it was Christmas nobody cared about him and nobody got him presents, food, or even a Christmas tree. Don’t forget he also used to get bullied when he was a kid because of the way he looked.  I’m not saying that the Grinch has been the nicest to all in who-ville but he isn’t entirely horrible.

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