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International Friendship Week

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Written by Katelyn Perez

International Friendship Week lands on the 11th-17th of this month! This is a great time to reconnect with some old friends or even plan something fun for you and your best friends to do.

If you’ve been on the fence on whether or not you should reconnect with an old friend, this week is more reason to. If you want to, but are not quite sure how, here are 3 tips for how to reconnect with an old friend.

  1. Send a simple text.

The first step towards connecting is just hitting send. Once you simply reach out, you can get the ball rolling on making plans with them. Simply sending “Hi” or “How are you?” can make a difference.

  1. Be direct.

Reaching out after not speaking for some time can be awkward so it’s best to just be direct. Acknowledge that you haven't talked in a while, tell them you miss them and simply ask if they’re interested in getting together and catching up.

  1. Make solid concrete plans.

It is so important to set the day, time, and place, if you truly want to reconnect with an old friend. This is the most important part of the next step of your friendship. Keep it one-on-one. If you haven’t seen an old friend in a while, it is best to see them one-on-one rather than inviting them to a group event with a bunch of your “new” friends.

In addition, International Friendship Week is a great time to plan something fun for you and your best friends to do. Here are some ideas on what you can do this week.

  1. Take the train

  2. Explore a new city

  3. Spend the entire day watching movies together

  4. Volunteer together

  5. Eat at a restaurant together

  6. Go camping

  7. Paint/make something

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