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Homecoming in a Nutshell

By Tiahna Osorio

Homecoming this year was on October seventh at the AVC Cafeteria and had a bigger turnout than ever before. The dance had amazing performances by both the Music Club’s band and the Dance Club's performers. As usual, the SOAR Stars saw people flying up in the air and dancing their hearts out as the quarter came to a close. For those who weren’t there, they sadly missed out on the announcement of the Homecoming court, and some wacky shenanigans.

At the dance, we had amazing performances by the Music Club with a member of the performers Isaiah Saldana claiming that it was “Very nerve-wracking. The crowd was so great and I had a lot of fun playing guitar. Even though I messed up a couple of times nothing beats the feeling of playing in front of a crowd”. In addition, the Dance Club was amazing as always, and everyone cheered for every pose they struck, as shown in the picture above.

In addition to this, the Homecoming Court was announced. The Senior King and Queen were announced as Isaac Mitchell and Morgan Carter. The Junior court was composed of Hannah Glass and Jaiden Duffee, and the Sophomore court was composed of Joshua Augustin and Julianna Stewart. Finally, the Freshman court was composed of Noel Chaparro and Iain Kinsey.

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