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History Of Halloween

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

‘Tis the time for tricks and treats. Halloween is just around the corner and stores are already stocking up for Christmas as the Halloween decorations are providing an orange tint and spooky aura around the Antelope Valley. Though we all used to or still go trick or treating in our costumes, do we really know where our strange ritual came from?

It dates back to Celtic times, when people would dress up in costumes and dance around a bonfire to try and scare away any ghosts after harvest season. This ritual was called Samhein. This marked the beginning of winter and cold times, which usually brought death. The ritual spread and continued throughout time and ended up in the UK, where people would leave old furniture and trash out on their lawns for the neighborhood kid to take and burn, essentially doing the same thing as the Celtics, but not for the same reasons. This then stopped due to obvious safety concerns. Halloween then moved into the US, where they wanted to create a more neighborly feel to the holiday rather than one about ghosts and witches, to which I do not believe they succeeded. To make this a more communal thing, kids would go around the neighborhoods dressed up and ask for candy, money, toys, etc., which brings us to modern day. Now we celebrate with horror movies, parties, and pranks we play on family and friends, or perform rituals, whichever you’re into. Don’t forget to tell us about your Halloween! Enjoy your spooky days~.

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