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Freshman Tips

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By: Zahrya Washington & Justin Rubalcava

It is hard for a freshman to adjust to a new environment, especially a new school. These 10 tips should help them balance their school schedule successfully. Also these tips are beneficial because in the end it would improve the quality of their work and thinking. Therefore giving all the freshman the opportunity, to be successful/ get good grades by the end of the year.

Walking into Freshman year, it can be quite hard to adjust to Soar and all the unique things that only Soar possesses. Here are some tips that could be useful and convenient during your first year of high school.

Tip 1: Don’t spend all your money at the student store. It’s tempting to spend all your money on snacks and a bunch of junk such as brisk and chips, but you don’t really need to spend your money on these things, because then it will be harder when you have no money and you’re hungry. It’s hard to be responsible with money, especially at our age but trust me when I tell you that saving your money will end in a much better response.

Tip 2: Socialize and make some friends! Soar’s campus is small but being lonely can be really easy. Making friends and socializing with Soar students will make your time on campus go by much faster and will make group projects two times easier. You’ll be spending the next four years with your class, so make friends, socialize, and make it an enjoyable 4 years.

Tip 3: Use your breaks wisely! As a freshman, you get breaks that you never get back. It’s really easy to waste these breaks instead of doing homework but breaks are the perfect time to do your homework! You don’t have to go home and do homework if you do it at school. Don’t waste time, do something productive!

Tip 4: Make sure to have fun! School doesn’t have to be boring. It’s easy to make Soar a miserable experience but you have to spend 4 years here. Why make those years miserable? Find ways to make homework fun, projects fun, and even tests. School doesn’t have to be boring.

Tip 5: Learn from your mistakes. As students and even as human beings, you have to learn from mistakes. Learn from that F you got in English and instead of begging for your teacher to change your grade, ask what you could’ve done better. You’re gonna make a lot of mistakes Freshman year but it’s better to learn from them instead of pretending they never happened. You got this!

Tip 6: Get involved in clubs/activities As a freshman, one of the foremost things you can do to get your high school experience started, is to join clubs. On campus we have a variety of options including the clubs at SOAR and at the college. This ranges from Robotics, Key Club, Speech Club, Dance club, and so forth. If you are not interested in any of these clubs, you are welcomed to start your own club and get people to join. Not only should you join clubs but you should also interact with Soar activities. This includes student activity days (SAD days), pep rally, and fundraisers. Once you are open to doing these activities you will begin to have a magnificent time.

Tip 7: Get enough sleep Getting enough sleep is essential in your freshman year. Try to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Getting enough sleep, does have benefits. Such as being more energized, being less stress and it also improves your work in school. Not only that but you tend to be more creative, alert, and remember things easier. Sleep for students is known has a “secret success in the classrooms.”

Tip 8 : Manage your time well, and don't Procrastinate Procrastination is one mistake that freshmen tend to do when first starting High School. Especially at soar because you have your class every other day. Attempt to not procrastinate with your homework or classwork. When it’s assigned try doing it that day, don't wait until the next day or the day its due. Referring to tip #3 finish your homework when you have time, like when you are given breaks and other free opportunities.

Tip 9 : Apply for scholarships Although it may not seem like it college is not far away. To get prepared you should start applying for different types of scholarships. Some scholarships include college funding, college opportunities or even programs that could relate to your future career. The easiest way to apply for scholarships is on the soar website ( under academics and counseling. Another way to find different scholarships is by looking on the wall in S-3 or looking on naviance. Scholarships can truly help you become successful in the future.

Tip 10 : Study Last tip would be to STUDY. It is extremely important for you to study, especially when you have an upcoming quiz or test. Studying also means reviewing your notes every day for at least 5 minutes so that the concept is well known. Eventually when there is a midterm or final, you’ll be prepared and get a good grade.

Freshman year could be hard, stressful and challenging at times. We hope these 10 tips are resourceful enough to get you through your first year of highschool. You’ve got this!
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