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Free Dinner?

Updated: Feb 5

By Isabella Rodriguez

Free dinner? Who wouldn’t want some? Sadly, it's a senior event, but it's a great way to get grandparents out of the house. Or you can contribute to the community. With a holiday like this everyone is sure to have so much joy and the spirit within. 

With our grandparents at home, we know they can get bored. My grandma will deep clean the fridge if it comes to it. I can't blame her, I would go insane. Leona Valley Setroma is hosting its annual dinner where seniors 55 and older are invited to celebrate the holidays. They will have a dinner that begins with turkey and has an assortment of different dishes. Drinks like punch and coffee will be provided to make the evening even more enjoyable.

Not only is it a dinner, it's also a food and toy drive. Everyone, not only seniors, are invited to contribute to the community. They ask for the donation of canned food and anything that you would like to add. Guests will then be invited to enjoy some indoor or outdoor dining. Of course depending on the weather, we all know how cold it gets around here.

Other students who were interviewed find this event as a wonderful opportunity,” My grandma's birthday is coming up so it would be great to take her to dinner and it's even better since it's for charity”.

Sertoma has even offered a delivery service for their dining option and rides. Whether you can make it or not it’s an event you might want to show your older loved ones. You can always try again next year if it isn't possible this time.

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