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Fall/Winter Fashion 2022

By: Samantha Padilla

Everyone has their own fashion sense which they use to express themselves. Given that the weather has started to become colder, it can be challenging to stay up with the latest fashion trends. There are ways to maintain these trends while maintaining a budget-friendly wardrobe.

Clothing staples are adaptable items that you can wear in a variety of ways and settings. These items are both financially and aesthetically practical because of their timeless style and ability to be worn repeatedly. These items will create a capsule wardrobe. A few clothing staples you can add to your wardrobe include:

  • Neutral knit sweaters

  • Basic tanks and tees

  • Oversized hoodies

  • Light and dark wash straight leg jeans

  • Light colored sweatpants

  • Earth toned cargos

  • Black leggings

  • Puffer jackets/vests

  • Worker jackets

  • Basic long sleeved/turtlenecks

  • White or black shoes

  • Earth tones shoes

A capsule wardrobe is made up of essential products that enable you to build a functional closet but it should not limit your style. You should be adding items that reflect your particular style along with the components that are important to a capsule wardrobe. This will enable you to consistently wear your whole wardrobe and fill your closet with items you can mix and match!

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