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Everything to know about pep rally!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Written by Crystal Mobaraka

Please save the date because, on December 17, 2021, we’re having the first pep rally of the year!! The student activity day will start at 8:00 am and go until 12:30 pm, and all students are expected to show up in the AVC gymnasium. Regarding the theme of the pep rally, each class is assigned a different element. For example:

Seniors- Firebenders (Dressing in black and red)

Juniors- Earthbenders (Dressing in green and grey)

Sophomores- Waterbenders (Dressing in blue and white)

Freshman- Airbenders (Dressing in maroon and gold)

Each class will also have different mascots to represent them, but unfortunately, that information has not been released yet. What we can do to help is participate by showing up and showing our class pride! You are also expected to dress up, learn the chant, and help out your class defeat the others for spirit points!! Another way you can be extra competitive and ensure more class spirit is by also participating in pep rally’s spirit week that same week:

Monday 12/13

Sleepover Day

(Dress up in pajamas, blankets/pillows, slippers, and stuffed animals)

Tuesday 12/14

Hippie (Upperclassmen) vs. Hollywood (Lowerclassmen)

Wednesday 12/15

White Lie Wednesday

(Wear a white shirt and wear a lie on it that is easily identifiable, for example: I am not short, and you are 5’1)

Be very creative!!

Thursday 12/16

Character Day

(Dress as your favorite character from any cartoon, tv show, and movie)

Friday 12/17

Wear your class colors

(Dress up for what you would be wearing for pep rally itself)

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