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Eggnog Eve

Updated: Feb 2

By Isabella Rodriguez

What is the 24th of December? Christmas Eve was probably your answer. It's the night before Christmas when everyone is enjoying their family time. It's when you play games, and make cookies, it's the best time of the year. What you don't know, is the secret behind the 24th.

It's National Eggnog Day! Maybe you call it egg milk punch but that doesn't sound as appealing. It's a very popular drink around the United States. It's a seasonal drink that really only is drank around Christmas. There's probably so many eggnog sayings like don’t hog the eggnog. 

Eggnog is a drink made with dairy, whipped eggs, and many spices. It's the type of recipe that can be mixed and matched all the time. You can add some cinnamon or maybe some nutmeg. The choices are unlimited. Eggnog is so popular there's other things like puddings and teas that are eggnog flavored.

Eggnog sounds scary and not very appetizing but it is loved by many. Some might feel natural like Melody Garcia, “It’s alright it’s not that great”. This Christmas Eve you might even consider giving it a chance on its special day. I've never tried it but it sounds very interesting and it'll make a fun experience and story. 

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