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By Matthew Ochoa

DC, the once biggest rival against Marvel, had high hopes that they would be able to keep their ground against the biggest box office hit films, to have a whole year considered in the bag for DC with their ever-flowing video games, tv shows, and movies. Only to then falter, fail with many asking if this is the end for DC. It is important to understand how DC got here in the first place and how it fell from grace.

March 4th, 2022, was the day The Batman came out in theaters. With the success of The Batman, DC seemed to have started a winning streak with movies like The Flash, Batgirl, and Black Adam, and a sequel to Aquaman promised to be coming the same year along with games like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Gotham Knights also coming out this year it seemed like nothing could stop them. Eight days later from the release of the Batman film where DC announced all of these projects to be delayed until later this year and into 2023.

This didn’t seem like an issue as the films were simply pushed back with some like Aquaman suffering more than others as it was pushed a full year into 2023 from its original release date thus giving DC time to make a comeback. That is until Batgirl, starring Leslie Grace, was canceled from release because of the test audience's negative reaction. This would have been accepted, had it not been for the Flash incident.

Ezra Miller, a current loose criminal is the star in The Flash, a movie currently suffering in production H, E double hockey sticks, who has been able to keep their film for 2023 unlike Batgirl with no considered real issues, unlike Ezra Miller who has been convicted of many crimes while still allowed their film. DC has attempted to remedy the situation by explaining how The Flash had so much money into the film already and that it was near completion, however, the directors for Batgirl had gone on to show video proof and evidence that Batgirl was also ready to be released and was simply stopped because Test Audiences rejected their film. Test audiences can be quite unreliable, they hit us ugly sonic trailers from Sonic, attempted to get rid of Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid, and tried to get rid of hit shows like Friends and the Power Puff Girls.

Overall because of the delays of future projects, the inability to continue to provide content along with allegations from their fans DC seems to not be able to recover. Some DC fans still believe that it is possible for a comeback with Black Adam coming out this month but others feel DC has lost and that Warner Brothers should just give them up to someone else. Only time will tell but as of now, DC has now been DCEASED.

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