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Could You Do It?

Updated: Feb 5

By Isabella Rodriguez

When you think of November, Thanksgiving probably comes to mind. Writers on the other hand believe it’s the perfect time to produce a 50,000 word manuscript. Mr. Newman has decided to take on this preposterous challenge.

Many aspiring writers have come across this exceptional challenge. The national novel writing month non-profit was organized 24 years ago. It is an international writing challenge where many aspirants aim to complete a novel which can then be published if completed. Every year around half a million people all over the world venture to become novelists. What really is devastating is that only around 10% to 15% of those people actually finish.

This year one of our own, Mr.Newman has decided to endeavor this program. Mr.Newman as many know is already a writer. Only a few months ago did he publish the final book in his 5 book series Samuel Buckland Chronicles. Mr.Newman also known as Jason P. Crawford in the writing world. November is sure to be an extraordinary urban destiny or science fiction. What leaves us all wondering is will he be a part of the 15% that do accomplish the worldwide challenge. National novel writing month isn’t only for writers; anyone who wants to tell a story could take on the challenge. Could you do it?

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