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Congratulations to our Top 3 entries for the Winter Art & Poetry Contest!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Written by Hannah Duffee

Here are some of the amazing pieces they submitted!

Mercedes Ellis, 12th Grade

For Mercedes Ellis, the best part about the winter season is the warm things she finds at home. “The blankets!” Mercedes exclaimed when asked about her favorite thing about winter, “And the hoodies. You can’t forget about your snuggly hoodies!”

Caption: Why is the sun up so early?

Eyanna Jones, 11th Grade

Benson and Bark’s Wonderful Winter Day

Here is a wonderful winter day

As the kids with hot cocoa come array

With many carols and decorations placed outside

With snowmen 8 feet tall and 80 inches wide

There are so many families with gifts under their tree

Though not for this man and his dog you see

Benson and Bark have been friends for years

Had much fun together and shared so many tears

Benson got Bark when he was 8 years old

Their love never died nor turned cold

Their tradition for winter was simple and sweet

They had no gifts but enjoyed each others company

They walked side by side in the winters rain

Beautiful snowflakes so delicate and plain

Benson was poor and had nothing in store

He wished he could buy Bark that bone with a bacon-filled core

One day when walking

Benson got beat

He stood there in pain and In his own defeat

All Bark could do was sit there and bark

Bark wasn't very big from the start

Benson was hurt and many people walked by

Bark was sad and Benson wanting to cry

Benson got up and dealt with the pain

Continuing the walk even if it wasn't the same

Benson and Bark kept walking you see

Till they spotted two gifts under a tree

They got closer and closer

Looking the gifts over

There names were on there and they screamed in glee

Bark and Benson got gifts finally

They opened there gifts

And they howled in joy

Benson got money and Bark a new toy

Their neighbors of the town

Got together and talked

They all raised some money at a charity walk

The money that they earned

They gave to Benson and Bark

Benson was thankful for their loving heart

With the bond and love

Benson and Bark shared

That winter day

They learned their neighbors cared….

Faith Hennessy-Philip, 9th Grade

Glistened White

The Man of the Red Coat

Northern Lights

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