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By: Jair Argueta

Many people are in a panic right now due to mass layoffs that have been happening and increasing inflation that has been going on for these last couple of months. Layoffs are becoming more and more frequent in the tech job space according to PBS, as tech giants such as Microsoft are planning on laying off 10,000 employees while Amazon is also planning cutting employees off. As many of you may have noticed with the prices of many commodities such as eggs, USDA has stated that there has been an increase of 160% since the holidays and 238% since the holidays of last year (2021). This is a massive increase but egg prices have also been affected by the chickens and how they are being affected by disease as well. The most reputable source we have to base change in the economy is the Consumer Price Index also known as CPI. Since at the time of writing it is mid-January so the new CPI has not come out but we can go to last year and there was an increase of 6.5% over the entire year. This number may not mean much but this shows the increase in prices of items. The largest item increase was energy and behind it is food. So, how can we combat this as high school students and as future university students? According to the Wall Street Journal, many university students are starting to figure out their relationship with work especially with how many students rely on their parents, so there will be a massive increase of students moving in with their parents because it's going to be cheaper to live with them. Many analysts have talked about students that start work in a recession are usually behind those that start in a normal economy. Emphasis on the word usually because of the recent movement of employees changing jobs from company to company within a time frame of 2-5 years, which is making this disparity between students that start their career in a recession or not.

If you want to learn more about student’s experiences with their plan of dealing of a recession as students go here

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