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Change With The Seasons

By Morgan Carter

The seasons keep on changing

But these days it feels as though the seasons are changing with me

The promise of spring brings new beginnings

Flowers blooming

And bees buzzing

Decisions of my future and what's to come loom over me like heavy rain clouds of March

Sunny days fill my soul

The warmth reaching into even the darkest parts of my mood

A reminder that summer will soon be here and I won’t

That June and July will come and go

And by August I will be gone with it

The winds of hot summer days will no longer be

No more night swimming

And drives on warm summer nights

Where we watch the sunset over the desert sky



65?! Days until high school will be over

Only nine short weeks

however many

I can’t help but be somber

After four long years

And sleepless nights

It will all be over

And soon I’ll be away somewhere

Where the journey of my life will only be beginning

Anxiously awaiting to be alone for the first time

In a space where I can truly know the peace that exists within me

And although it is frightening

I know that the world will keep on spinning

Flowers will continue to bloom

And bees will continue to buzz

Once again I will find comfort in the warmth of summer days

Summer drives can continue

Just in a different way

It just won’t be here

It just has to be in another place

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