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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Written by Kimberley Girola-Guzman

There are a lot of exciting things happening on our school’s campus that you should be aware of!

For some background, I would like to introduce you all to Campus Control. Campus Control is a small focused committee whose objective is to support students on campus. There are a total of nine members who have worked together throughout the last three years to achieve 3 main goals.

Do you know those red benches that we love and associate fun and meaningful conversations with? Well now imagine those tables with umbrellas! At Campus Control this was a goal that we aimed to achieve so that during those hot summer days, we finally have some shade and breeze for our daily conversations.

Our next big achievement is our mural. Campus Control’s main objective is to create a welcoming and inclusive campus environment for all students. Our mural is a representation of that objective. We held a student contest where students submitted a drawing of what they think represents the SOAR community. After deliberation, the chosen winner was Miguel Chavez!

Lastly, the long-term goal that we hope is passed down to future Campus Control members is recycling. Every week our members coordinate schedules to go into classrooms and take out recycling bins. Over time we have accumulated a significant amount of money that goes towards meeting future goals.

Make sure to look out for these new campus changes and further help the Campus Control Committee recycle by being conscious about the recycling bins in your classrooms.

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