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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

By Leandro Montoya & Quinton Wood

A new exciting movie is coming out in theatres this September! Blinded by The Light is about a troubled teenager trying to find his place in life and is inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s music to follow his heart while stuck in a small town in 1980’s England. Is this movie really a heart-warming story that it claims to be? Come find out!

A new school year has started and sometimes we need a movie to watch with our friends during the weekends. A new movie is coming out for a plethora of Springsteen fans, and music fans in general. The movie, “Blinded by The Light,” isn’t a Manfred Mann reference, but an entire movie alluding to Bruce Springsteen. The move follows the story of a boy who has a great connection with Springsteen’s music, as he deals with the struggles of youth during high school. The movie features a variety of classic songs from “ The Boss” including “ Dancing in the Dark”, “ Born to Run”, “Badlands”, and “Thunder Road.” “Blinded by the Light” is labeled as a feel-good story for every music fan to enjoy.

This is not the first time recently where a musical artist and their music is used for a biopic ( biographical picture). Throughout the years, the number of Biopics involving music or lifes of musical artists have been increasing lately. “Straight Outta Compton” (2015), “Bohemian Rhapsody” ( 2018), “Rocketman” ( 2019), and,“Get On Up” (2014) are all movies that follow the lives of musical artists throughout the decade. “Blinded by the Light” is looking to follow up and continue the successful trend that these biopics tend to have. “Blinded by the Light” is intended to connect audiences to the heart-warming and relatable music Bruce Springsteen has made throughout his career to their own life.

The movie takes us through the life of Javed (Viveik Kalra), a troubled Pakistani teenager experiencing racial discrimination and economic struggles during his highschool years in a small English town. The movie takes us on a time machine right back to the 1980’s which a rich selection of music and culture bloomed during the decade. Javed feels lost in the world, trying to fight a tug of war between his own self-interest( becoming a writer) and doing what his family wants( a high level income job). During his own personal and family battles, a classmate( Aaron Phagura) introduces Javed to the world of Bruce Springsteen’s music. After listening to a Bruce Springsteen mixtape in his small bedroom, Javed comes to a realization that Bruce Springsteen’s music can connect to his feelings despite living a different life from “ The Boss” himself. Javed is influenced by Bruce Springsteen to find his own voice and to live his own life separate from the desires of his family. Comically, Javed even goes to visit the hometown of “The Boss” during the movie! If you need a feel good movie to watch with your friends, then “Blinded by the Light” is the right movie to watch at the theatres.

Come check out “Blinded by the Light” in theatres near you late August through September!

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