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Black Friday, The Day of Deals! Or is it?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022


It’s that time of the year again! With the holidays right around the corner, shop prices are rising, sale posters are gaudily plastered on store walls, and the craze for coupons and deals are as frantic as waiting to open your Christmas presents the next morning. The stress and pressure to buy the perfect gift for the perfect price can be almost suffocating, but never fear, Black Friday is here! Indeed, the day of deals, Black Friday is here to help you find that perfect gift for the perfect price. Or, is it?

As examined by USA Today, Black Friday may have those incredible deals and prices you love, but the products behind it are much less quality than the “brand-name” items you believe you’re purchasing.

USA Today states, “See, what many retailers do is offer lower-quality versions of popular products specifically for Black Friday. These inferior versions are known as “derivatives” and they're typically made with cheaper materials and parts that enable retailers to offer them at such low prices."

Purchasing a derivative means running the risk that a so-called name-brand product will fail you the minute its warranty runs out, so be sure to do your research before you buy. Which poses the question, why do this? Well, it’s fairly simple. By selling “derivatives” of their product, companies are able to make crazy low deals without having to sacrifice their quality-rich items. Since the products are of less quality, many won’t last until right after the warranty date, causing you to come back and purchase the real product for the real price. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say that all products are derivatives sold on Black Friday. But the next time you decide to do a shopping spree on Black Friday for the holidays, make sure you research beforehand to know the products you bought are the products you deserve.

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