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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By: Saskia Reed and Daleana Carroll

Dying your hair is a fun way to switch up your style and everyone is doing it! If you want to dye your hair or if you already have then this article is for you. In this article you will discover what the best dye for you is, the do’s and don’ts of dying, how to wash it, what products to use, and most importantly how to keep your color. If any of this is what you need then this will be worth your time. Consider reading this before starting your dying process. It’s helpful in aiding to any questions that you may have without having to do any intensive research. You’ll have everything you need in one place. NOT only what your going to need to prepare for it but also what you need to maintain it.

*So you dyed or wanna dye your hair?*

Welcome SOAR stars to your monthly beauty tips section, for this month we have something that will benefit all of you who changed your hair color or want to for this upcoming year. Even though dying your hair is a fun and exciting way to spice up your look, we all need ways to maintain our dyed hair. Not to worry cause your favorite journalists are here to save the day. Here are five tips to for people who want or already did dye their hair.

What is the best dye for you?

With the many different and unique brands of hair color, it is well known that someone might get confused when walking the aisles of Walmart looking for hair dye. Deciding which hair dye is best for you depends on your hair type and color.

  • Hair type- Something to remember when dying your straight hair is that the appearance of the dye will be more vivid than on someone with curly hair, so make sure (no matter what hair type) you are very aware of the color that you are using.

  • Color- Color of your current hair and the color of the hair dye is very crucial to know what's best for you (especially when your dying your own hair with something like box dye). If you have dark hair like brown or black the color won't show up as vivid as someone with blonde hair. Most likely if you have dark hair you will need to bleach it first (you can also bleach it if you have blonde hair to make the color pop more).

  • Hair dye- Here are the best hair dyes for you hair type, color and your color of choosing.

  1. Unnatural colors( blue, green pink, ect *with bleach*)- Splat Hair Color (*best price*) and Arctic Fox Hair Color( best price*)

  2. Natural hair colors(red, brown,black, ect)-Clairol Natural Instincts, Revlon ColorSilk

  3. Bleach- L’Oreal quick blue powder lightener , CHI blondest blonde conic creme and powder lightener

Do’s and Dont’s


  • Protect your hair from the sun

  • Use a paddle brush, I recommend finger detangling (since your hair is more fragile) prevents breakage

  • Invest in color safe and enhancing products (see product list)


  • Never wash your hair the day that you dyed it if you have to wash it try to wait at least a day

  • Try your best to always wash your hair with conditioner. Forgetting this step can make your hair very dry.( make sure to use a color treated conditioner)

  • Try to stay low on the heat ( flat irons, blow dryers, etc.)


  • Washing your hair the right way is crucial in maintaining your color. These tips will help keep your color radiant and last longer so you don’t have to dye more. The goal here is to keep your hair healthy and the color that you want.

  • Wash your hair every three days the longer you can put it off the better

  • Use sulfate free shampoo (sulfate stripes color and moisture)

  • Add dye to your conditioner

  • When rinsing your hair use colder water

  • Leave in treatments with a lot of moisture are your best friends

  • Don’t go swimming the chlorine strips color (wear a cap)


It's important to not only have a protective process in the shower but also to use color safe products to make your color last longer.




VERB -$16



Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze Conditioner- For Color Treated Hair - $58

Any conditioner will work as long as it has no silicone and remember to add some of your dye to it but this step is optional.

Keeping your color

Yay! You dyed your hair! But how will you keep your color after you dyed it?Here are a few tips and tricks to keep that hair color.

  • Right after you dye your hair make sure to not shampoo until 72 hours later.

  • Make sure to always use heat protectant on your dyed hair to maintain the color.

  • Try to avoid pools until your hair doesn't bleed in the shower any more. The bleach will make the color fade more quickly.

Well that's all stars, for your monthly Beauty Tips section. We hoped you learned a lot and will have fun taking that step to change your look.

As always, stay positive. xoxo

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