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Batman DC Review

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Written by Matthew Ochoa

DC decided to once again redo The Batman after his failures in their previous film so what have they done this time? The story is one of the darkest tellings of Batman but also seems to follow the one other key detail of Batman, his detective skills. If you are questioning what the film is, think of it as SAW but pg 13 with Batman. The story follows Batman 1 year after becoming the masked Vigilante unlike other films that starts him near the end of his career or just beginning his new role as the hero of Gotham. While we understand the impact he has had in the previous year in Gotham a new masked villain under the alias The Riddler is terrorizing Gotham hoping to unmask their government to bring his form of justice. Batman is tasked to solve this mystery connecting the government, criminals, and even Wayne themselves. Robert Pattinson may be a cause for concern for some but his portrayal of Batman is magnificent. Along with the Riddler whose charisma keeps you guessing along with his curious riddles. One amazing thing about the film as well as the action scenes. A great example of this is the car chase scene where Batman uses the batmobile to bring vengeance to the criminals of Gotham city. The movie builds him as a boogeyman for the criminals of Gotham and solidifies the idea that Batman should be feared. Overall with the amazing portrayal of Batman this movie is highly recommended and should be watched as soon as possible to avoid spoilers.

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