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All-nighters and How to Prevent Them

By Thomas Jenkins

Staff Writer

With summer officially over, the new school year is now three weeks in and this is a time to kick it into high gear.

Over the summer, many of us relaxed, slept, and forgot about school. As we rush into 2023-24, the assignments and stress will soon pile up.

If you do not have any, it is important to adopt time management skills. As SOAR students, we take on large workloads and responsibilities that chip away at our ability to control stress. To first do this, ask yourself: What does my time management look like now? What do I use to track my work? Many forget to track their days, resulting in trying to remember what they have to do. Instead, the most common way to track your day is a planner. Although many believe this is annoying to do, it is beneficial. Then ask yourself: How well will this work for me? Try using a planner for a month and see how much you enjoy it. If this does not work for you, try other techniques like a reminder app, a calendar, or even making a schedule. One of the most helpful questions to ask yourself is: Can I make time and focus on my assignments when I need to? One of the biggest issues SOAR students have is procrastination. When working on homework or studying, we tend to distract ourselves by wasting hours on our phones. Whether it is scrolling on social media or watching movies or TV shows on Netflix, we only realize the amount of time we waste when it is too late. To prevent this, try putting your phone on “do not disturb” until you are done with your work.

Although a lot of people do not want to change their way of management, as SOAR students, it is important to change your habits to ensure your success.

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