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Advice From a SOAR Alum

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Written by Hannah Duffee

Current MIT student and SOAR alum Tammy Le visited SOAR this week to visit old teachers and advise current students. Le graduated from SOAR/AVC in 2017 and headed towards Boston the following fall. On a regular day, Le said she could expect multiple lectures, practice problems, and coding exercises in all of her classes, all in preparation for her degree in Data Science. “I hope to go into consulting! My biggest interests would be in business finance and analytics,” Le said about possible careers she wants to pursue after graduation.

With its imposing reputation and well-known academic excellence, the expectations for many students about attending a prestigious school like MIT can be far-off from the truth. For Le, however, the reality of MIT was very close to what she had been expecting, but ten times harder.

“The hard science classes at SOAR and AVC, like Calculus 1 and 2 (MATH 150 and MATH 160), really prepared me, though, to enter into classes at MIT,” Le added.

At some point during high school, many students ask themselves an important question, “Am I being adequately prepared for college?” Due to SOAR’s rigorous courses, students also tend to examine the advantages and disadvantages of coming to this early college high school.

Considering her time here at SOAR, Le stated, “My favorite thing about SOAR is how flexible and free everything is. The type of schedule you have really prepares you for the responsibility and freedom of college.”

When planning her visit to SOAR, Tammy Le was incredibly excited to visit Junior and Senior classes. Her advice to upperclassmen and future graduates is this:

“Take things one day at a time. Make as many connections as you can. Make memories and put yourself out there!”

The real world awaits us right after high school. Take the time to enjoy every day and try to make some fantastic memories with your friends and family.

“Boston is so alive!” Le laughed after being asked the difference between the AV and her new home at MIT, “It’ll be two in the morning, and I look out my window, and everything is lit up.”

While there is something genuinely terrifying about moving away from home and everyone you know, there is also something exciting about the possibilities of a new adventure.

(Thanks to Tammy Le for her time and excellent advice! We hope your last years at MIT are incredible!)

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