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Aaaand… More Club Shoutouts!

By Hannah Duffee

Last month, you heard from senior representatives from HLHC, Mental Health Awareness, and Girls SOAR High about what they love most about their respective clubs and how they’re leaving an impact on campus. Along with this, these three seniors also told us about the legacy they hope they’re creating and more! This month, we’re continuing our dive into SOAR High School’s club life and are asking three more senior-led clubs to give their input. Here is more about SOAR’s Black Student Union, Fashion Club, and Middle Eastern and North African Heritage Club.

Black Student Union - Natania Asapokhai

Why did you join BSU?

I joined BSU as a freshman because I loved the sense of community I felt in their weekly meetings. BSU is a safe space for all, but for Black students especially, which creates an empowering environment for learning and discussion. This is another reason why I joined BSU.

What can you expect at club meetings?

At a BSU club meeting, you can expect a lively and welcoming atmosphere, one that allows Black students to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. You can also expect plenty of conversation about campus wide and worldwide concerns regarding the Black community and about Black history and culture.

What are you hoping to accomplish in the second semester?

BSU has been very active this school year with events not only at SOAR but throughout the district in partnership with other schools’ Black Student Unions. Through events, education, and general outreach, we plan to keep up this momentum in the second semester!

What legacy do you hope to leave after you graduate?

As president of SOAR’s Black Student Union for the past two years I have learned so much. I have found that BSU runs best when our meetings are open and flexible to the needs of all of our members. After graduating, I hope to leave BSU with a legacy of openness and understanding to all perspectives, races, ethnicities, and cultures.

Fashion Club - Krista Gleason

Why did you create Fashion Club?

The motivation to create this club was to bring a variety of creative outlets to campus such as art, graphic design, and of course fashion design. I believe that with fashion design it can not only bring people together but also embrace everyone’s individuality.

What can you expect at club meetings?

At our club meetings you can expect some fun artistic activities such as drawing and creating many designs from being on paper to physically in front of you while using different mediums like paint, scrap fabric, a pencil, or even digitally. You could also have the opportunity to see some informative presentations about different fields in this industry. As well as planning fun school activities like our annual costume contest.

What are you hoping to accomplish in the second semester?

I hope to do a presentation surrounding sustainability and finish our club's vision to do the clothing drive that is running right now. And most importantly hold elections for next year for this club to continue since all our officers are seniors.

What legacy do you hope to leave after you graduate?

After graduating I hope this club can be taken over by some more creative minds at SOAR and evolve by doing more fun activities.

Middle Eastern and North African Heritage Club - Maya Daoud

Why did you create MENA?

I took the initiative of establishing the Middle Eastern and North Africa (MENA) Heritage club because I understood the importance of giving a completely disregarded community the representation they deserve. I know that many Middle Easterners and North Africans have felt misrepresented their entire life, me being one of them, we were never able to check off the box that said we were middle eastern or north african. I wanted to create a place where we can feel like we belong and that can represent us as a community.

What can you expect at club meetings?

At our club meetings we strive to create a place where people can not only feel like they are represented but also a place where people can come learn about a region that is not displayed enough. We discuss a variety of topics regarding the middle east and north africa ranging from history, to culture, to impact, to current problems.

What are you hoping to accomplish in the second semester?

This upcoming semester we would love to not only expand our club and provide knowledge to those willing to learn but we would also love to be able to leave a mark, give people who feel like they have nowhere to go, nowhere to feel represented, a place where they can share and indulge in not only their culture but a variety of beautiful cultures that share a rich history with long lasting traditions and undergo much of the same not only misrepresentation and discrimination but celebrations.

What legacy do you hope to leave after you graduate?

We would love to leave an inclusive place where people can not only share their extraordinary culture, but learn about abundant and exceptional cultures all around the world that deserve for their story to be told.

Thank you for reading the second edition of our Club Shoutout series! What clubs do you want to hear from next? Let us know at

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