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A Memorable Performance

By Maria Montoya

The crowd cheered as Music Club bowed at the end of their astounding performance at the AV fair. On September 25, 2022 Music Club performed for their second time at the AV fair and as for Dance Club it was their first time there. Dance club with only two weeks to prepare and Music Club starting to practice a month before both clubs had a successful and wonderful performance. Junior Lisseth Reyes who performed with Dance club talked about how it was their first performance “I was nervous and excited cause it was my first time performing”. They shared that the Dance club would practice at lunch, after school, and at home. As for the Music club their VP Isaiah Saldana explained that with the five members performing they could only all practice after school or after a music meeting would end. He said “There were five of us playing. Three of us would practice almost every Tuesday and Thursday during the second hour of first period”. Though there was a lot of practice and work put in by both clubs after all the hard practicing leading up to the performance and then the performance they all did an amazing job. Lisseth commented “We all tried our hardest and I think us as a team did good” These students not only got to show off their talents but also got to enjoy an evening at the fair as Isaiah recounts “It was a great experience. I love the AV fair. I went once with my sister and her boyfriend and I had so much fun. So I was really excited to be able to go with friends”.

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