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A Journey With Journey: Reconciling With Relationship Problems

By Journey Artis

Hi everyone and welcome back to our A Journey With Journey series! This edition will be covering how to reconcile with problems that may be arising or have always been there in your relationships as well as providing ways that you can address these adversities. Without further ado let’s dive right into this topic!

Oh joy, February is here now! You know exactly what that means! Time for you and bae to take some cute pics for the gram, participate in some lovely Valentine’s activities for couples, and most importantly share and declare your love for one another! If they could just stop doing that thing that you hate, argh! Ok, all jokes and pettiness aside problems arising or being present in your relationship is completely normal! Problems within your relationships, so long as they are met with healthy solutions, can actually be signs of a healthy and worthwhile partnership! However, it is not healthy to leave these problems unaddressed nor is it healthy to bring them up with your partner in a disrespectful manner. Problems in your relationships can be arising for numerous reasons. For example, check out this quote from Very Well Mind’s article titled, “Reasons Why Relationships Fail,” which reads as follows, “The main reasons why relationships fail are loss of trust, poor communication, lack of respect, a difference in priorities, and little intimacy.” This means that there could be a large range of reasons why there may be problems arising within your relationship, however who's to say that once addressed your relationship couldn’t be better than ever? This segment will be tackling healthy ways you can go about addressing the problems within your relationship, so let’s get right into some healthy tips for doing just that!

  • Firstly, before we dive into our tips please note that relationship problems are normal, healthy, and are bound to happen throughout the course of your relationship. Do not think that there is anything wrong with you, your partner, or your relationship simply because problems have arisen. There is a difference between a toxic relationship that you should let go of and a healthy relationship that has issues that need to be navigated. It is paramount that you make this distinction.

  • Our first tip on the list is to simply accept what you can not change. I know it might be difficult to hear or follow through with but certain small and trivial aspects of your relationships are simply there, and more than likely are not worth the time and energy to address. Now what are these trivial aspects? Well, that is up to you to decide but if you have been nitpicking your partner or your relationship, and you know of certain aspects that aren’t big deals but you gave them energy in hopes of crafting the ‘perfect relationship,’ please just let them go. Your mental health, partner, and overall relationship will thank you in the long run!

  • Our next tip on the list is to communicate….PLEASE COMMUNICATE! When done in a respectful manner communication can be the biggest driving factor for bringing your relationship to healthy balance for both you and your partner! Try sitting down with your partner face to face, and using “I” statements to address your concerns. Do make sure that you are receptive to what your partner has to say in response, and being open to compromise is what will drive communication with your partner to success.

  • The last tip on the list is to evaluate your relationship. Is this a healthy partnership or are some of these, “problems,” toxicity masked as love? That is completely up to you to decide, however it is important to ensure that you are in a loving, safe, and supportive relationship, especially when you are going to great lengths to improve it. Make sure that you are being loving and respectful in this relationship while also ensuring that you are receiving the same in return.

Alright everyone, that closes out our segment for this month! I’d like to encourage you all to stay strong in navigating this thing called love, and I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay lovely, loves!

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