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A Journey With Journey: Dealing With Stress and Recognizing Its Forms

By Journey Artis

Hi all, welcome back to another segment of our A Journey With Journey series. In honor of April being Stress Awareness month, in this segment we will recognize different types of stress and how they can be caused as well as recognizing how to cope with those stresses. Without further ado let’s dive right into this month’s topic!

Before we dive into our topic for this month let’s define stress. According to the World Health Organization, “Stress is defined as a state of worry or tension caused by a difficult situation.” But, wait can stress come in multiple forms as a result of different difficult situations? According to, “Stress can factor broadly into four categories: physical, psychological,psychosocial, and psycho-spiritual. Wow! While these different types of stress can seem alarming and concerning there are healthy ways to recognize and deal with them, so let’s explore those right now!

Physical Stress:

Physical stress can be defined as the stress of your physical and external being. This can range from headaches, to cramps to even chest pains. However, it is so paramount that for your health you recognize when you are feeling physical stress and address it during those moments for the sake of your well being and physical health. Physical stress can be caused as a result of your body responding to a stressful situation such as chest pains right before an intimidating presentation. It can also be caused as a result of your body not being cared for as best as it could be. Perhaps you need to stretch a bit more before your work outs or need to make sure you are eating, sleeping, and staying hydrated as much as possible. Whatever the cause may be there are some tools you can implement such as….

  • Taking an extra second to stretch

  • Scheduling in time for you to take breaks from work throughout the day

  • Drinking and eating whenever you feel the need to and not just simply when you are done addressing your responsibilities

  • Taking a moment to breath throughout the day


Psychological stress can be defined as stress that results from situations that involve and affect your psychological state. This can include work, school, issues arising in relationships, and much more! Some ways to address your psychological stress can include…

  • Taking frequent breaks

  • Communicating your needs with those in your life

  • Creating a routine that allows you to budget your time

  • Take an extra moment to breath or do breathwork exercises

  • Step away from work or challenges in you life and do something you enjoy

  • Listen to some music and go on a walk(stay aware of your surroundings)


Psychosocial stress can be defined as stress that results from social moments or events. This can include being excluded, comparing yourself/not feeling like you are good enough, or even feeling like you are constantly being judged and criticized. This kind of stress can be especially detrimental because feelings like this can impact both your mental and physical health and overall take a toll on self esteem, sense of self, and overall well being. During moments of stress like this it is important that you constantly remind yourself that you are good enough, you belong, and we are all lucky to have you around! However some additional tips to deal with this might include…

  • Changing the environments that you socialize in, to broaden and diversify the kind of people you are around

  • Try taking a break from socializing and reconnect with yourself

  • Let go of people who make you feel bad when you are with them

  • Invite people into your life, who make you feel good about yourself and inspire you to be your best self

  • Find trusted adults to speak with when you are feeling lonely

  • Use positive and empowering affirmations!

Psycho-Spiritual Stress

Psycho-spiritual stress can be defined as stress that affects your spirit or more less inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Psycho-spiritual stress can result from having a crisis in values, personal belief systems, life goals, and overall anything that causes major detrimental stress to who you are, what your purpose is, and what you want out of life. This type of stress may seem very extreme however with implementing a few habits, and practicing thoughtfulness and self compassion, you will be able to tackle it. Some habits that you can try to implement if you feel as though you are experiencing psycho-spiritual stress include…

  • Practicing Meditation: Can be calming and allow you to reflect and clear your mind

  • Journaling About Your Thoughts and Anything You Feel Might Be Changing In Your Life

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Stay Mindful

  • Give Yourself The Space To Grow And Change

  • Record Any Growth or Changes You See In Yourself

  • Talk About What You Are Feeling With a Trusted Loved One

  • Recognize That Change Is Apart Of Life, And It Is Safe For You To Continuously Evolve

  • Reflect On Who You Are In This Moment And What You Want Out Of Life

That concludes everything for this month’s A Journey With Journey! We hope you enjoyed and were able to take something away from this piece! Please remember to take care of yourselves and stay healthy everyone!

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