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2021 Fashion Trends

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Written by Crystal Mobaraka

  • Multi-Colored Dental Masks

  • Other than the standard blue dental masks, a new wave of people wearing all black, purple, white, or pink masks is the latest hype. What’s your favorite of these colors? Do you think they should make more colors? Let us know your thoughts! (SOAR Students in photos: Victoria Ogunmakinwa, Sylvia Ambriz, Derric Josiah Concepcion)

  • Oversized Clothing

  • For many years, even since the early 90s era, oversized everything was the norm. From shirts to pants to jackets, they could be made of any clothing material. I believe that it will never die out, especially with combinations like little tops and big pants or vice versa. (SOAR Student in photo: Haya Ansari)

  • Baguette Bags

  • As soon as you visit websites like Amazon, Shein, or Forever 21, you will see a type of purse called a baguette bag. They’re very vintage and styled in both elegant and casual looks. Some people use it for everyday use, and others have it just as an accessory. (SOAR Student in photo: Michelle Avaloz)

  • Patterned Tights

  • This trend is shown very prominently at SOAR with a staple couple of people. Patterned tights add so much to your outfit no matter what you pair them with. Different patterns include sequins, glitter, hearts, shapes, and various colors. (SOAR Student in photo: Katelyn Perez)

  • Floral/Midi Dresses

  • Perfect for the springtime but too lovely to get rid of during the winter, flowy dresses have been the hype for a long time, especially mid-length ones, primarily worn in the summer and springtime. They also create and fit so many different aesthetics like colorful, dark, goth, and abstract. They’re also just fun fashion pieces. (SOAR Student in photo: Faith Janczewski)

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