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Valerie Padilla

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This is Valerie Padilla; she not only entered her senior year at SOAR High School but also her second year in journalism as a broadcast director. Valerie is extremely passionate about all things broadcast and hopes that both her senior year and journalism experience will help her further develop her skills and knowledge in the field! She is excited to take on the responsibility of being a broadcast director and is eager to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the school's news program. Valerie is determined to make a lasting impact with her work and to excel in her role as a broadcast director. Outside of journalism, she indulges in her interest in video editing and graphic design, constantly honing her skills in these areas. Valerie is always seeking out new techniques and staying up-to-date with the latest trends to ensure that her video productions are visually captivating and engaging. Overall, She hopes to continue to have a hardworking and happy time on SOAR High School's journalism team!

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