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Tiahna Osorio


Tiahna Osorio is a senior at SOAR high school. She has been a writer for the Soarce News for three years, but is now an editor in addition to an article writer. She makes sure all the writers are fully utilizing their abilities while writing her own stories. She tends to write stories involving SOAR events, psychology facts, and anything else that sparks her interest. She’s been involved in the SOARce podcast for the past two years as the co-host of the Chicken and Waffles podcast on Twitch. She’s the co-founder of SOAR's book club, and her favorite books are fantasy ones. She’s really fascinated by neurology and biology. In addition to this, she has a beautiful cat daughter named Jellybean. Tiahna plans on growing up to become a crazy cat lady with way too many cats as well as pursuing a career in neurology.

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