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Rafael Almanza

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For his junior year, staff writer Rafael Almanza is back. Almanza is credited with constantly having a wealth of original thoughts that inform his writing. Monthly articles for the school newspaper are part of his duties. Since playing the guitar has always been one of his main motivations, several of his hobbies include practicing it. He would listen to this music while working and would stay focused because of it, so why couldn't he play too? He purchased an electric guitar the previous year and began playing rock and roll, which quickly became one of his favorite activities. He always strives to push himself to the limit, so he upped the ante and started to play metal genres. Once he felt confident playing the guitar, he purchased an acoustic one to play softer music. Along with his heroes, like his parents, who have always been there for him. Rafael intends to put his all into the writings he submits for the school newspaper.

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