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Your first job

By Rafael Almanza

Staff Writer

High school students generally spend the entire year primarily concentrating on their academics, but some will also seek employment. The typical age at which people begin applying for work, whether for the summer or all year round, is between sixteen and eighteen. Starting with part-time work, which is often fewer than forty hours a week, is fairly frequent. These jobs may prove to be quite beneficial for early exposure to the real world as well as for the development of certain talents that may subsequently be applied to their professions.

A part-time job is most preferable since you need to be sure the position you're applying for won't interfere with your academic schedules, especially since SOAR students take both high school and college classes. Add that heavy coursework in junior year, the thought of a job might be overwhelming to many.

So how does one even go about getting a job? A resume and cover letter is a great idea. The resume is a formal document that lists your skills, experience, and credentials, while a cover letter explains why you’re a great fit for the job.

If you manage to secure an interview, you will be asked questions about your credentials and why you’re a good fit for the job. Being late for an interview is a common error, so try your best to avoid it. It is always preferable to arrive early to demonstrate your responsibility and sense of timeliness to the interviewer. A good piece of advice is to research the company beforehand so you can explain why you fit their company’s vision and mission. And don’t forget to come up with some questions of your own. It shows your initiative and care.

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