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¿Y Cómo Es Él?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

By Emily Martinez

As many people have probably noticed, Spanish-speaking movies aren’t common in theaters in the U.S. It is disappointing to see how few Spanish films end up in theaters. Although, I feel it is important to support the films that have been released. A new film named ¿Y Cómo Es Él? has been in theaters since April 22nd. It is important to support Spanish films in theaters because it makes it possible for Spanish speakers to enjoy a movie theater just as much as everyone else.

The film ¿Y Cómo Es Él? is based on a husband and wife with marital problems. The wife had been cheating on her husband, so the husband (Tomas) went off to find the man who his wife had been cheating on him with (Jero). Sooner or later, the husband finds Jero only to find out he is a taxi driver, but that wasn’t all. Jero had known the woman he was with was married to another Tomas, but it didn't mean much to him. Tomas soon injured himself as soon as he found Jero trying to create difficulties for him. Jero took him in his taxi because he had found Tomas right outside of his taxi, no longer conscious. Tomas was furious at Jero, but later on, somewhat enjoyed his company till the other men chased them to their destination in Mexico City to soon meet with the wife.

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