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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

A giant collab!

Valentine’s Day is here!

By Jamie Santiago and Asenath Jimenez Monroy

Whether or not you have someone significant to share it with, Journalism has a little treat for you. The week of Valentine’s Day brings to you the Love Match! For just 1 dollar, you can see who you’re most compatible with, with the option of it being solely in your grade or throughout the whole school. If you already have your own match, you can still participate. With the Love Match, you can see how compatible you are with your partner. Get your match in front of S1 all Valentine’s Week!Local student, Benjamin Ford (Grade 11), was surprised by his results and said that he’d definitely take those matches into thought. “It was a fun experience, even if it wasn’t too serious, I’d totally recommend this to all my friends!” Just follow the link and fill out a quick quiz to find your match and maybe your next love!

The History

By Justin Rubalcava and Marcha Daniels

The holiday that is now celebrated worldwide has origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, held in mid-February. The festival, which celebrated the coming of spring, included fertility rites and the pairing off of women with men by lottery. At the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine's Day and it is now the holiday that is now celebrated with love between couples and bitter singles eating chocolates and watching marathons.

Initially, during the festival of Lupercalia men and women were paired together by lottery. At the start of the festival, the Luperci or Roman priests would sacrifice a goat and dog. The goat symbolizes fertility while the dog symbolizes purification. After stripping the animals and dipping them into their blood, they would march into the center of town while “slapping” women with the goat’s hide. Most women would appreciate this gesture, as it was perceived as a blessing that made women more fertile for the following year. For many people, the festival was like a “blind date.” Men and women who were matched spent most of the festival together, even marrying one another later in the year. The festival over time became adopted and molded to what is now Valentine’s Day! Who knows, maybe your valentine partner will be the one you walk down the aisle?

Single's Awareness Day

By Chloe Gordon

February 14th is the national American holiday known as Valentine's Day. That day, couples will celebrate their love for each other by buying chocolates and going on dates. The most worn colors you would see couples wear is red, pink and white. As amazing as this holiday for couples to celebrate their appreciation for one another, there is another holiday that should be taken into consideration.

Singles' Awareness Day! February 15th is a holiday known for single people to bring awareness to the fact there is nothing wrong with being single. It reminds people there are benefits to not being attached to people and that you do not need a significant other to not be lonely. And it is important to remember to wear green, the opposing color of green and buy yourself gifts that couples would normally buy each other on Valentine's Day.

"I think it's a good day. I like the idea of not being tied down to a person (if you're really not happy with being single)." - Vanessa Flores

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