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Three Kings Day

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Usually, we get our presents brought by Santa Clause on December 25th, Christmas day or we might open them a bit early on Christmas Eve. Well, some people aren't brought presents by Santa Clause but by the Three Wise Men or Three Magi Kings. This is also not on December 25th or 24th but on January 6th. This is 12 days after Christmas or the twelfth day of Christmas. This celebration or holiday is called Epiphany, Three Kings Day, and as it's known in Spanish Dia de Los tres Reyes Magos.

This Holiday is celebrated throughout Latin America, Spain, and Europe. Though the way people celebrate can vary. One thing stays the same in all celebrations for this holiday, La Rosca de Reyes which can be translated as kings cake. Rosca de Reyes is a sweet break in the shape of a giant crown. Inside the bread, there are hidden plastic babies that represent baby Jesus, whoever gets a piece of bread with a hidden baby Jesus must bring food or host a party for dia de Candelaria or Candlemas day which is on February 2nd.

(Rosca de Reyes)

(Rosca de Reyes and a baby Jesus)

Anonymous tells us that their family celebrates with tamales, champurrado, hot chocolate, and of course the Rosca. They eat the Rosca on the night of January 5th. If someone in their family gets a baby one of the plastic babies that are hidden in the Rosca this person has to bring tamales on the 2nd of February. Anonymous commented “We have this thing where whoever gets the baby has to bring tamales the 2nd of February or something. Well, it's more of a joke cause everyone brings tamales but we make fun of people who get the baby telling them they have to give us tamales” After the nice night of Then the kids would go to sleep and wake up with presents under the tree and they get to open the presents and eat the leftover food from the night before. They look back at one of their favorite memories of that day “Probably when I was 7, It was the only time we sent a balloon into the sky”

Stephanie MontesFlores shares that on January 6th her family celebrates with hot chocolate and cutting the Rosca together. She also explains that there are babies in her Rosca and whoever gets one needs to bring tamales. Stephanie recalls a funny memory “One time I spilled the hot chocolate on me and could not stop laughing”.

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