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The Beginning of Spring

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Written by Justin Rubalcava

March is a month with no major holidays; A month most glance over and pretend doesn’t exist. Yet it marks the beginning of spring and rain starts to fall, flowers begin to bloom, birthdays seem to start coming in abundance, and daylight starts to last a lot longer. So a month that looks or may feel like filler is a month of immense change, a time to get out and experience things you weren’t able to during the winter. Now while seasons tend to act very differently in the Antelope Valley, they still contain the main points of what seasons are. So for you, I have some recommendations of fun things to do in March.

My first recommendation has to be picnics. March is the month where spring begins meaning that sometimes the weather is nice enough to have a picnic which simply isn’t an available option in the colder months of February and January. There’s so much to do at a picnic besides eating as well. You can play competitive card games, gossip with your girls, or do an activity like painting. Picnics are truly so amazing and March lays the groundwork for which we can enjoy such a joyous activity.

My second recommendation is a good spring cleaning. Since it's hard to muster up the motivation to maintain a clean home during the winter season, the spring season is a perfect time to change that. It helps to do a deep summer cleaning at the beginning of spring in a month like March as well because it isn’t as busy. If you're a student, which most of our readers are, then late spring means finals and essays. This doesn’t exactly allow the time to be able to do a deep spring cleaning, so if you're able to get it done extra early, it's that much better!

My final recommendation is to go to the beach. March is the perfect month to go to the beach and just enjoy the ambiance. Most beaches don’t have warm enough water necessary to swim, but the weather will still be suitable for a fun activity. Similar to picnics, you can do a bunch of activities but nothing beats having fun with the sound of the waves behind you! Hope you take full advantage of the beautiful month that is March! Thank you for reading!

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