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Students Making History: SOAR’s First LTG

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By Haya Ansari

Deputy Editor


Key Club’s Kotomi Tucker recently made school history when she was selected to become Lieutenant Governor of Key Club’s Division 38W, becoming the first student from our high school to do so. Many students, especially those who are not members of Key Club, might wonder, what is an LTG and why is the honor of having such a position a big deal? An LTG is like the president of a club, however, this club is a division that involves Key Clubs from Quartz Hill High School, Lancaster High School, and other high schools within the region. To get a sense of it, Tucker is the head of all the Key Club’s in our district, where her job is to manage and maintain the functionality of them all.

Key Club is an organization that has a goal of developing leadership skills and encouraging students to serve their “home, school and community.”

Despite her high officer position, Tucker hopes to assure her fellow SOAR students that “just because I am LTG doesn't mean I am a higher position; I am still a high school student too.” Tucker is both humble and eager about her position as Lieutenant Governor. She has much in mind to maintain and add during her term. One of her bigger plans includes helping out our sister division, D38E. She also hopes to create opportunities that encourage members and possibly go for some safe, in-person activities. Considering our social distancing period during COVID, it has been difficult, especially for Key Club officers, to continue community service without getting “hands-on.” We cannot predict the future, therefore, Tucker has to be prepared for any situation; whether it be staying in quarantine or being able to slowly make it back out there in the community and provide our service.

As LTG, Kotomi believes that there is a lot of pressure put on her, which there is, yet all of SOAR is excited about her experience. To be SOAR’s first LTG is a big deal and Tucker hopes to “live up to SOAR’s expectations and make them proud.”

Her final words that she would like to share with her fellow students are: “GO FOR IT.” If you want to run for any position, especially something as high up as LTG, just do it. Even if you don't get the position, running for it is a great opportunity. She herself felt very nervous about running for the position where, in the beginning of the year, she didn’t even imagine it. “Aiden, our current LTG, encouraged me to run,” she states. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so I thought, I am going to do it!” Everyone feels nervous when they are running for a position, but if you do, it shows you how much you care about it. Tucker knew that she was nervous, but she also knew that no matter what, whoever won, D38W would be in good hands; and it is!

“I hope to work hard with this position and make you guys proud.” -Kotomi Tucker


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