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soar to test their expertise in latin 365 knowledge bowl

Updated: Sep 25

By Yarepsi Guzman

Staff Writer

SOAR students will test their knowledge in Latin culture, music, literature, math, science, geography, and more at this year’s Latino 365 Knowledge Bowl. The annual event kicks off Tuesday, September 12 at Antelope Valley High School.

The event is free to attend and features schools from throughout the Antelope Valley Union High School District. The preliminary rounds are September 12 and September 13. The top five teams will move onto the final round on Friday, September 15 at Eastside High School.

SOAR’s team - Kaitlyn Morales, Isabel Amaya, Victoria Veloz, Alejandro Galindo, and Pamela Fransisco - has been studying for weeks. They meet in T500A to test their knowledge and are led by coach Mrs. Galindo.

Asked why she wanted to join, team member Kaitlyn Morales said she was on the team last year and enjoyed it.

“I also want to represent my culture. I am part of a great team and I’m looking forward to showing everything I have learned,” she said.

If you’re interested in attending, plan to be at Antelope Valley High School early as the competition kicks off at 5 p.m. And the more SOAR students who attend the better the chances that the team earns a prize.

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