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Updated: Feb 2

By Jair Argueta

This year’s Senior Sunrise was held on September 1st. For those who do not know about Senior Sunrise, it is an event that all seniors go to. Senior Sunrise depicts the opening of Senior Year and the senioritis that comes with it. Later, during the second semester, another event called Senior Sunset takes place with the purpose of depicting the end of an ‘era’ since it will feel different moving on to college.

This year was themed around Barbie as it has really represented the summer of this year, since it was one of the biggest box office films.

ASB even worked on making a Barbie box (picture provided by: Emily Ontiveros, featuring Elijah Doroginsky, Bella Flores, Layla Shanks, and Hailey Green) where you could have taken pictures with your friends, and they were even kind enough to provide name tags which included popular characters such as Allan, Barbie, and of course we can’t forget about Ken.

Overall, there was very positive feedback from the senior class about how it was nice to be able to relax, and experience what our graduated SOAR students have experienced beforehand as well as being able to hang out with friends. This experience for many has really set in how the class of 2024 are now seniors.

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