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How to get over heartbreak

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

By Tiahna Osorio

Most people will have to deal with heartbreak in their lives, and as the year comes to a close and what if’s are being pondered upon, it’s best to deal with the matters of the heart the right way. Break-ups, unrequited love, and limerence need to be handled with care and these tips will help with all matters of the heart. Feeling your feelings, not becoming your feelings, keeping your distance, getting support, and practicing self care are all tips that help make your heart stop feeling the aches and pains.

First and foremost, feel. That’s it, you’re allowed to be upset, and you’re allowed to be hurt. You’re allowed to be sad and depressed, and eat ice cream straight out of the container. However, you can’t let it become you. Don’t listen to purely sad music that makes you cry, don’t isolate yourself from those who love you, don’t wallow in self pity for months. Feel, but don’t become.

It’s easiest to feel things without the other person there however. It’s best to keep your distance after heartbreak. You don’t have to completely cut off all contact, it’s hard especially if you’re good friends. However, keeping distance is important in the process. It’s during this time that you reach out to others. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and spend time with those close to you. “I talk to friends about how I'm feeling and try not to hide any feeling, the more I hide what I'm feeling the worse it gets” says Christan Hernadez a sophomore here at SOAR.

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