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How to be productive at home

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

by Victoria Ogunmakinwa

Contributing Staff Writer

So you want to be a Singer? Doctor? Dog Walker? TikToker? That’s Great! Just one thing, you’ve got to learn how to be productive. Productivity is a quality everyone requires to set and achieve goals or impact your future. In life, being productive gets you to great extents, but you have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is in school. Continue reading to quickly learn the basics of being a productive student.


Step 1:

  • Use a planner!

Using an organized system to keep your assignments, chores, or tasks in or out of school is a remarkably effective way to stay productive and organized. It could be on your phone, laptop, or even your mirror. Using an online planner is a great way to stay productive in each of your classes, and it’s beneficial when it is legible to your adjustment. When using an online planner, it is useful when reminders are enabled. So when an assignment is due, you might want to set a reminder on your planner a day or two before the due date. You could also do the same for a project, out-of-school task, or time you schedule to study for a test. If you’re not a fan of using an online or regular paper planer, as crazy as it sounds, another tip to use is writing on your mirror. With an expo marker, you can easily write tasks on your mirror. All you have to do is record your assignments down, long term or short term, and erase them when you have completed the task. Your mirror is something you use all the time, so it could be pretty useful to utilize it to your benefit.

Step 2:

  • Make Goals!

Make sure to consider long-term, middle-term, and short-term goals. A long-term goal might be a goal you want to achieve in 5-10 years. For instance, getting your high school diploma, going to college, or earning that first BA are great motivators, but you need to create plans now to reach those goals. Mid-term goals are goals you would want to achieve in a couple of months to a year. These goals could be to have a 3.7 GPA by the end of the semester or to start exercising or changing your diet and meet your weight loss or weight gain goal. These goals are the building blocks to get you to those long-term goals. Short-term goals are goals you would want to achieve in some days to a week or weeks. Getting your physics worksheet in by its due date or scheduled study time for a geometry test that is coming up could be examples of short term goals. These would be goals you typically write in your planner, which is also an excellent productivity system.

Step 3:

  • Stay Motivated! Apply Productivity to deal with stress and procrastination!

Danna Solano, a 9th-grade SOAR student, acknowledges that online school has put more unexplainable stress on her than physical school. Along with stress, now that we are doing school virtually, temptations of procrastination are far more likely. In a study by Nicolas Michinov, Sophie Brunot, Oliver Le Bohec, Jacques Juhel, and Marine Delaval, at the University of Rennes explained that procrastination is both an online course specifically and subtly linked to lower academic success. On the other hand, in a physical class, students are less exposed to procrastination, which has a small but significant performance change. Online school can be unfortunate in many areas, but staying motivated and productive can save us from the pits of stress and the effects of procrastination. You can’t necessarily save yourself from stress or procrastination ultimately, but don’t let that knock you down. Remember that being productive and using methods to build your Productivity in school takes that stress away from you and gives you common ground with procrastination.

Clubs and Community Service Hours!

As SOAR Students, we must take 5 hours out of our time each semester to reach out to our community. It was formerly 10 hours, but due to circumstances having to do with quarantine, The school has shortened it down. In SOAR, it is pretty easy to find out ways to reach out to the community.

  • At BSU (Black Students Union), you can easily join and do phone banking on Fridays from 5-7. To enter, you can find the BSU zoom meeting link, located on The SOAR STARS 2020-2021 Google Classroom. Then, you will soon be added to the group chat on Instagram, where you can find the link for phone banking and get 2 hours of community service.

  • In Key Club, a club that’s all about reaching out to the community, you can get community service hours with the food distribution at Grace Resources. They will also have a lot of upcoming service projects where you can gain community service hours.

  • Once you are a sophomore, you can also join the NHS and get community service hours.

  • In the Antelope Valley, some places to do community service are grace resources, food distribution, and blood donor support for the American red cross (if 17 or older)

Some Links for other Community Service!

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