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Halloween this 2020

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By Journey Artis

Staff Writer


While Covid 19 may have made this year's Halloween plans very different, that does not mean that they have to be boring and dull. Here are some ideas for socially distanced fun you can have with your household members this Halloween season. The first one is that you can “ghost” your neighbors. What this means is that you can prepare a treat basket of all kinds of Halloween goodies, with a note attached, and leave it on your neighbor's doorstep. This way they will open the door and see the basket of goodies that you have left for them, and you can even find a way such as through technology to spread the word and make a neighborhood game out of it. Another idea for something you can do this Halloween is to order some decorations off of Amazon, or another one of your favorite sites, and get to work decorating your house to look like a haunted manor. This way you can be able to have all the fun of having Halloween decorations, without the risk of leaving your house to see them. Something else that may be fun is to make Halloween themed snacks, and a movie marathon going with all of your favorite spooky movies, with a bonus being that you can do it over zoom or facetime with your friends and be able to make an event out of it all. Another idea for this year’s Halloween can come from Angelica Ruiz, a 9th grader who attends SOAR Highschool. She explained,”I will be watching Halloween movies with my family and one of my close friends, we’re also going to be doing a pumpkin carving contest.” If you are not interested in staying at home this Halloween, another idea comes from Hannah Glass who is also a 9th grade student at SOAR High School who has talked about how, “I am still going to hang out with some people but, it won’t be anything major”, which shows that you can still have Halloween plans with people, and be safe just as long as it is not a huge gathering. A final example for what you can do this Halloween comes from Alana Rodriguez who is a freshman student at SOAR high school, and she has said, “ My family and friends have been discussing what we could do like trunk or treating, decorating rooms inside our houses, giving out candy to each other, and doing group costumes like dressing up our Among Us characters.” If you choose to do any of these events for your Halloween this 2020 it is sure to be safer, and less risky for Covid 19 than going out how you would traditionally, for Halloween.

Halloween of 2020 will definitely be one for the books. Due to the unexpected outbreak of Covid 19, Halloween plans, like everything else in our day to day lives, will have to follow social distancing guidelines. Social distancing guidelines/Covid 19 precautions are as follows: Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, stay at least 6 feet from others who are not in your household, and wear a mask. Covid 19 is an airborne virus, which means that when you cough, sneeze, speak and even breathe for that matter you can potentially spread the virus if you have it. It can infect through the eyes, nose, and mouth which can then cause respiratory issues, and potentially lead to death, especially if you currently have a history of health problems. It can also lead to you being asymptomatic which means that you can have it with no symptoms, meaning that you will be fine but you could spread it unknowingly. Covid 19 will definitely take a toll on this year’s Halloween plans and all we can do is hope for the best and make it work. Listen, whatever you choose to do this Halloween it is strongly suggested that you follow social distancing guidelines in order to protect yourself and others, and help flatten the curve.

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