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Getting Juicy With Justin #1

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By Justin Rubalcava

Entertainment Editor


Welcome to the first edition of getting Juicy with Justin! SOAR’s only advice column!

Q: How do I drop a toxic friend without having the rest of my friends turn against me?

Hi! I’m sorry you have to experience this but I promise it gets better! In this online and social distancing format, we’ve all made realizations about our friendships, good and bad. In your case, it seems that you made a bad realization of a friend and it honestly happens to all of us. Before confronting your toxic friend you should explain your situation to the rest of your friends, they might even be experiencing the same conflict you are! Then you should confront your toxic friend with their behaviors that have hurt you. It's okay if you're emotional as this is a very emotional situation to be in but try and maintain your calm as this happens. I hope things turn out well! Good luck!

Q: How do I make friends?

Hey there! Making friends is hard and it's only gotten harder in this online format but it's not impossible! As a student at SOAR, you have access to so many clubs that offer so many chances at making and creating friendships. You can find a list of clubs and their meeting dates on the Stars Google Classroom. You can’t be too scared to take them! You also have classes with people who are probably experiencing the same problems you are and you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and create a study group to do homework or study for a test. Make your academics an opportunity for creating friendships here because no one can relate to a SOAR student like a SOAR student.

Q: My fashion sense is lacking. How do I change?

Hey! Style is very personal and it's a great way of expressing yourself and it’s a great way of exercising your self-expression. First, you should start with not buying clothes to wear for just one occasion, get something that suits you and something that you know you’ll actually like wearing. Even if there’s a really good bargain, if you don’t like how it looks the price won’t change that. Second, reach out to friends or people who you think dress good and, if possible, clothes swap with a fashionable friend! This is a really good place to start as these people have been probably exercising, shopping and dressing nice for a while and will probably be able to give you tips. Third and final piece of my advice is to make an effort to avoid fast fashion and discover new brands, especially brands that support your morals and integrity. So get out there and slay!

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