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Journalism's Scary Story Contest!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Promo written by Quinton Wood


What makes you shiver? What goblins and ghouls cause you to pull the bed covers up? This October, the SOARce is asking you to share these with the world. All SOAR students will be able to share their scariest, wittiest, or most horrifying, shrill-inducing, and nightmare-causing tales and stories in the SOARce’s short story contest! The SOARce’s editors and writers will review what trembling tales you submit and publish the most hair-raising thrillers this Halloween, labeling one lucky short “Halloween’s best.” For this contest, we have no theme guidelines. Whether you want to write a science fiction freak or a psychological horror story, we’ll judge them all the same.

Even if you don’t try your hand at the petrifying pen, be sure to stop by on Halloween to get a good fright, straight from your peers at SOAR!


  • Maximum 3 pages (no font/spacing requirement)

  • While we realize that shock value and a lack of censorship is an important part of horror, please avoid including scenes with nudity in your short story.

  • Deadline: October 25th

  • Submit by sending your story to the email

  • Make sure we are able to access the story whatever the file type is (e.g. make sure the document is shared)

  • Make sure to title your story

If you have any questions, please contact by email. Have fun!

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