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Everything we Know about Summer Session (so Far)

Updated: Aug 31, 2022


By Tiahna Osorio,

Summer plans are already starting with college registration having been in April. However, we have very little information regarding Summer. We have options regarding AVC classes and almost no information regarding high school summer school.

For AVC college classes during registration, we were given options for face-to-face learning. They have limited students and most likely proper safety regulation, but otherwise are like how school used to be. For the twelve-week classes, sessions will begin the 17th of June and end on August 7th. In an email, Mrs.Herrera claimed students will be screened when they go back on campus. But, as of right now it is unsure what the college will do, or if they’ll use the same application.

Speaking of the screening, some may have gotten an email regarding it in April. We are not returning to campus yet. But, when we do, we will in fact use the STOPIt website like the other high schools. It is accessible through all kinds of electronics making it easier for everyone.

Sadly, as of right now, no information has been given regarding high school-orientation summer school. We know the classes start July 1-July 29 and that’s about it. We know the starting time will be 7:00 am and the end time will be 1:00.

To sum it all up: you could possibly return to campus with hybrid AVC summer classes. But, we’re completely in the dark regarding high school summer school. More information will most likely arise in the weeks to come. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and frequently check your AVHSD and AVC emails for new updates.


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