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College Application Tips From A Leaving Senior

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Written by Marcha Daniels

While many of us still wait in anticipation for our application results, it’s safe to say, for the most part, that the college application season has ended for this cycle. And after reflecting over this whole process and finally receiving my college decisions, I thought it’d be nice to leave some insight for the incoming seniors preparing for the next application cycle. Thus, I present to you my top three tips to take into consideration while applying for college.

  • Do your research!

I know this one seems a bit obvious, but it’s essential to articulate what exactly you should look for when looking into a college. Do you prefer the city, a campus in the country, or somewhere in-between? Does your college have your major? What are the potential research opportunities, study-abroad programs, and internships at your university’s campus? You may like a school’s campus or want to apply to it because of its competitive rank, but if it does not provide an excellent program for your intended field of study, applying there may not be the best use of resources.

  • Compile all your previous narrative creative writing.

One of the things that helped me develop my statement was reading and taking parts from old narratives and creative writing. Regardless of the number of colleges, you’re applying to, a large part of your application will include writing to reveal various parts of yourself. This tip is mainly to cut off the amount of time spent writing, which can help improve the overall quality of your revisions and peer review. Work smarter, not harder!

  • Be authentic.

I often struggled with this but eventually worked hard to show it within my statement and university questions. When you’re applying, it is often difficult to present your authentic self in a desperate attempt to stand out and show colleges why you’d be a perfect fit for their campus. Nevertheless, you’re selling yourself short. Colleges want to know the real you, and you’re better off representing the hobbies, experiences, character, and values you are rather than crafting a false image of yourself. You are you, and if a college doesn’t recognize the potential you have as a student at their school, then it’s their loss!

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